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Webtrader, an award-winning trading platform

Trade financial markets with a brilliant trading platform, Webtrader. Our in-house platform is a sophisticated combination of a user-friendly interface, an advanced package of interactive charts, technical analysis tools and more. A full range of instruments divided in many categories, making your selection process easier.

Multiple instruments graphs in one chart

Superior trading charts and instant execution time ensure that you will have a fast reaction during volatile times.

Make the most out of any market opportunity with faster trading times.

Compare many asset’s historical prices in one single chart.

Advanced chart packages, many graphs forms

Stay updated with the latest assets prices and get information from different chart viewing. Advanced tools to identify the strongest and weakest assets.

Automated alerts, excellent technical analysis based on historical data (past six months or past year).

Candlestick charts, line and bar charts provide different point of view on your decision making process.

Risk management tools

Manage your trading with our one of a kind risk management functions. Stop loss and take profit will protect your moves against market volatility.

Put automatic conditions which will close your trades automatically ones the condition is met.

Enjoy guides and directions we provide while you are building your trading confidence.

Open your account and start trading with Webtrader!


Our team has been serving in the trading online industry for a decade and one thing we have learnt is to personalize our services as much as possible, so every person who is willing to trade with us can find the right package of service related to their level of experience, knowledge, and capital to invest.


Start with the most easy trading strategy, or combine many strategies during different moments of the day, this will be your choice. First, compare trading strategies available and choose the one the most suitable for you to start.

Customer Support

Customer service department is the one we take pride in the most. Our customer service agents are dedicated people who will assist you with the most effective solutions possible. Contact us via email or call us for any inconvenience. If you are available just during a certain time during the day, leave an appointment and we will call you back.