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Open a buy or a sell position on different commodity categories

We offer the most competitive spread rates in the market for the main commodity instruments, Crude Oil, Cooper, Gold, Silver, Wheat, Natural Gas. Live prices and change percentages will be available 24/5 for everyone who is willing to invest their capital with us.

Standard, premium and business accounts

Our trading accounts offer different levels of benefits, including the minimum amount of capital needed to start trading, technology standards and support, platform features and customer service support.

Tools and analysis

Make the most out of the trading analysis, technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis. Learn about charting, risk management, capital protection, graphs analysis, past patterns in prices providing insight for future prices.

WebTrader, a dedicated trading platform

Trade Commodities with WebTrader, a web based trading platform, with no need for downloads or installation. Advanced packages of charts and live prices. Stop loss and take profit functions are available for all instruments to protect your trading capital.

News runs the financial market.

Do not lose a single opportunity. Convert events into profits.

Standard, premium and business accounts
Tools and analysis
WebTrader, a dedicated trading platform
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Trading Analysis

Famous Commodities

What does it mean to trade Commodities?

The great things about trading Commodities

First thing first. Decide on the trading account you want to trade and after on the commodities you will invest your capital. It is very important to identify all factors which influence a commodity’s prices. You buy if you think the commodity market will go up, and you sell the commodity if you think the market will go down. Despite the supply and demand, other factors are currency movements, weather conditions, storage and transportation costs, economic growth, geopolitical circumstances, currency market.

Live Prices

Our pricing tables are self updated, in real time from our liquidity providers. Live prices are available for any commodity you might be interested in. Find the current rates for metals like Gold and Silver, energy like Crude Oil and Gasoline, agriculture like Coffee and Cocoa, and livestock, which are the most traded and have resulted in profit for a large number of traders. Together with live prices, you can check the changes in the percentage, the highest and lowest price levels during the day and other data which will be great indicators to make the best trading decisions possible.

Execution time

Forex prices usually move fast, especially during times of volatility. Our platform is developed in such a way that the trades are executed in 0.012 seconds. The platform has proven itself for reliability, speed and is able to handle any type of complex strategy you might choose to implement.

Trading costs

We are dedicated to have a fair and transparent business relation with our clients. We have included our fees and charges in each account type, so you can check each one of them before deciding with which account to start. Check depositing, withdrawing fees and other transfer charges you might do.

Fund, trade, withdraw

Funding your account is as easy as 1-2-3. You just need to have an account with Palafox Trading, log in and fund at least $ 250. With a click of the button, through the same account, you are able to withdraw your profits. Use the same methods when you made the deposit. Credit and debit cards are accepted, online banking and bank wire transfer.

Open your account and start trading NOW!


Our team has been serving in the trading online industry for a decade and one thing we have learnt is to personalize our services as much as possible, so every person who is willing to trade with us can find the right package of service related to their level of experience, knowledge, and capital to invest.


Start with the most easy trading strategy, or combine many strategies during different moments of the day, this will be your choice. First, compare trading strategies available and choose the one the most suitable for you to start.

Customer Support

Customer service department is the one we take pride in the most. Our customer service agents are dedicated people who will assist you with the most effective solutions possible. Contact us via email or call us for any inconvenience. If you are available just during a certain time during the day, leave an appointment and we will call you back.